Ep 13 -The importance of getting support as a self-employed business owner - Kerry Beavis explains how she helps her niche

Working as a solo self-employed business owner can be lonely at times. It’s one of the main reasons why Kerry Beavis began offering support to this specific niche.

Kerry is an award-winning Beauty Therapist taking the title Professional Beauty Therapist Of The Year back in 2016.

She knows first hand what its like to work your way up from the bottom, having worked in the beauty industry starting at the bottom by cleaning nail varnish bottles for free, through to tutor, to spa therapist; she eventually started to create her own successful dream home salon, after many failed attempts!

She now mentors other solo therapists to have aligned businesses  either as successful mobile therapists or at home salons – through her company The Abundant Therapist.

Whether it be on stage at Professional Beauty, trade magazines or through her own membership The Affluent Therapist Collective, her aim is to help beauty and holistic business owners grow their own empires and create a business on their own terms.

Join me every week to hear a new gem that you can take away to increase your confidence and enjoyment for running your own business and to help you learn new business skills to live your best life.


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