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These days, many more of us are considering having our own businesses, so we can choose how we work each day and to give ourselves the best chance to make much more money.

However, our education system doesn’t prepare us at all for making this important choice. 


My book, Boss Your New Small Business, will help anyone who wants to take this step and plan their best way forward.

Are you ready to back yourself and boss your own new small business or side-hustle?

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Available on Paperback or Kindle Now

This book is for you if you fit into the following categories:

It’s not one of those books full of unfamiliar concepts and jargon. It lifts the lid on the realities of being self employed and approaches the topics like a conversation through a series of questions (with answers, of course).


If you’re ready to Boss your own new business or side-hustle, then this book is exactly the reality guide you need to interview yourself on the most important next step of your working life.

Available on Paperback or Kindle Now

Meet The Author

I’m a high-energy, serial entrepreneur with 30 years of self-employed experience.  As a small business expert, I love empowering small business owners to find their own passion and set up their business to become profitable and thrive with the least amount of stress.

My daughter Megan began in the beauty industry aged 19, and I quickly realised there were so many things Megan needed to do each day relating to all the ‘work stuff’. I set about building a software tool called Pocket PA for Megan to give her a one-stop ‘business in a box’ app, helping her organise & manage the appointments and financial side of her new venture.

I love the outdoors with wild water swimming & hiking at the top of the list.  And if I can persuade any of my 4 kids to join me, I will also spontaneously adventure anywhere off the beaten track at the drop of a hat!