Ep 19 - The importance of getting organised in your business to earn more money, with Emma Stonham Decluttering Expert

After burning out during lockdown as a newly single mum and key worker expecting to succeed at it all, Emma Stonham was very much part of the big resignation movement during Covid.

She realised that there had to be a way she could support her family financially, doing what she loved and being there for the school runs.

Emma began her new business as a Home Organiser in 2020 and shares her incredible journey in Episode 5 of setting herself up to support her very young family when the odds were stacked against her.

Emma is a also a Coach and founder of The Organised Co. and The T.O.C. Method membership. Today Emma is talking with me about the importance of getting organised in your business and how it can really help you become more productive and earn more money.

Her journey helps other people to realise that they can take back control and find a way through burnout, and this is something she now shares openly across her audience.

Emma’s wonderful journey sees her having beaten overwhelm and she now inspires female entrepreneurship.

Join me every week to hear a new gem that you can take away to increase your confidence and enjoyment for running your own business and to help you learn new business skills to live your best life.


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