Ep 10 - How the right 'copy' and words can get you more new clients - with Chantelle Davison the Copywriter Coach

Chantelle Davison is a talented Copywriter and Copy Coach who helps online business owners make more money by writing words that attracts dream clients and sells their services.

Everything you read online has been carefully crafted to make you feel a certain way! It’s an art that often determines whether or not you read more or leave the page.

Chantelle is an expert at creating copy which is compelling and keeps you reading more and more and then moves you into taking action.

Through her 1:1 services, group coaching programmes and copywriting tools, Chantelle wants to put actionable writing skills into the hands of every business owner, so no big ideas get lost.

Today she shares her journey and explains how using her services can move your own business onwards to get more new customers.  For example if you have a website or sales page, she explains why you dont have to work everything out yourself on what to say and how you could use a copywriter to help you with your messaging.

Join me every week to hear a new gem that you can take away to increase your confidence and enjoyment for running your own business and to help you learn new business skills to live your best life.


Connect with Chantelle Davison
Website – www.choicewordsbychantelle.com
Facebook Group – Copy That Sells
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/choicewordscopy

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