Ep 15 - From bedroom radio station to Love Island Podcast producer with Juliette Nicholls

Juliette has been creating audible content since she was at school! She was always destined for producing big things and this summer she was given the job of producing the podcast for LOVE ISLAND!

Juliette Nicholls is the Founder and Director of a bespoke podcast production company, Pineapple Audio Production and has always been an entrepreneur. 

Here she shares her amazing backstory and squiggly journey into self employment,
from her bedroom radio station to working her way up through the ranks of Heart radio and now to having her own Production company business.  Juliette shows that there are no limits or straight lines to becoming successful.

Juliette explains how she beat the odds (and other big companies) to win the contract to recently produce the official Love Island podcast for ITV! She’s also produced the UK podcast content for WW (formerly Weightwatchers) and is currently working on series for the BBC, Grazia, Metro and more. Their podcasts have reached over 3 million downloads.

Previous to leading the Pineapple team, Juliette worked for the UK’s biggest commercial radio station, Heart, for a decade. She regularly judges industry awards, has won multiple awards herself and is a non-exec advisor to the Student Radio Association.

Join me every week to hear a new gem that you can take away to increase your confidence and enjoyment for running your own business and to help you learn new business skills to live your best life.


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