Ep. 54 - Sharing Behind the Scenes on my Brand New Business 'Cheer We Go'

Launching a new business is never easy with so much planning and preparation!

On this weeks podcast – the 2nd part of 2 episodes – of a behind the scenes in my business, I chat with marketing coach Sarah Cooke, about my new business called Cheer We Go that I am launching in 2024 after my upcoming Business Book.

Its an exciting time and Cheer We Go is a culmination of my desire to build more connection, kindness and support in the world, and to create a ripple effect to bring happiness to more people.

In this episode I explain the motivation behind the idea and how its evolved to incorporate different aspects of story telling and voice notes to create an incredible gift and keepsake to cheer people on or cheer them up.

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Behind the Scenes for my New Business Book Launch - Caro Syson with Sarah Cooke