Ep. 37 - FAQ's around Autism and how self-employment and ASD can be a great combination

As its World Autism Acceptance Week from 27th March 2023 – 2nd April 2023, I wanted to continue on shining a light on this neurodiverse condition to make it more widely spoken about and understood.

Today I talk about FAQ’s that I am often asked and also talk about how Autism can be a great fit for small business owners when they want to become self-employed.

Understanding more around Autism means that this sort of education and learning can break down barriers and myths of the unknowns around this condition so that those with ASD can live in a more supportive community. 

Those with Autism get a chance to really shine their lights even more brightly and shed off any old (and often misplaced) stigmas associated with it once this condition is more widely understood and small adaptations are made to help them fit in to the fast paced, mainstream Neuro Typical world of today.

To find out more there are some links in the podcast show notes

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