Ep 36 - Getting an Autism diagnosis - my personal journey as shared with Kim Raine - ADHD business coach

In this episode I share my Autism diagnosis and journey with you whilst chatting to Kim Raine, ADHD business coach

As its World Autism Acceptance Week from 27th March 2023 – 2nd April 2023 I wanted to continue on shining a light on this neurodiverse condition to make it more widely spoken about and understood.

Autism is often misunderstood and given an unnecessary stigma when in fact it really gives a wonderful richness to a persons character.  I talk today about my own insights and journey to finding out that I have had ASD and autism and around how I have coped with the challenges of feeling different and trying to adapt and fit in to a neuro typical world that really doesn’t understand the way my brain operates.

It’s been a very interesting and useful process to learning more about how and why I behave and feel the way I do in both personal, social and business circles and speaking with Kim helps to give a much greater awareness to anyone who might be hearing or understanding about neuro diversity and Autism for the first time.

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