Ep 35 - World Autism Acceptance Week - speaking all things around Autism in small business with Heather Tingle.

It’s World Autism Acceptance Week from 27th March 2023 – 2nd April 2023 and I am talking today with Heather Tingle about our Autism diagnoses and the impact it has on us being small business owners.

Heather is Autistic and has ADD so knows all about how neurodiversity links to clutter. She is an expert in working with families that live in chaos, and all the challenges that brings.

Today we talk about what Autism means for both of us day to day and we demystify some of the common misconceptions around it and how it’s impacted us in our own businesses.

We talk about some of the common traits of Autism and ASD and some of our coping strategies that help us to live and function with less stress when things become overwhelming

As a naturally messy person herself, Heather can show you how to live in a clean, clutter free and organised home regardless of the issues you face. She thrives on creating strategies and systems that work for real families. Transforming your cluttered homes to calm, safe spaces can also improve your mental, physical and financial health.

Join me every week to hear a new gem that you can take away to increase your confidence and enjoyment for running your own business and to help you learn new business skills to live your best life.


– Website – www.autism.org.uk

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